About Us

Core Values

The values that guide the actions, decisions and attitudes of the board, executive, staff and volunteers are:

Love is the foundation for life and for every good endeavour. Love undergirds all other values and all of our actions. Love gives, love empowers, love is the ultimate facilitator.

We are committed to creating lasting change in the lives of those we help, for their benefit and that of future generations. We put our energies and our resources into long-term and demonstrable solutions.

We are true to ourselves and to others, and accountable to those who place their trust in us.

Families come in different forms, each one being a building block for society. We believe in protecting families and giving them every opportunity to be strong and healthy.

The best way to improve our communities is to invest in the lives of children and families. The Ideal Way Association empowers single-parent families to live free from poverty. Please help us to help them…

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