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Our Story

The Ideal Way Association was founded in 2011. At that time, our goal was to raise enough money to provide children with food during the holiday season. Fifteen business owners and many individuals donated to the cause, and we raised $37,500 to provide 150 families with much-needed food baskets. But still, we wanted to do more…

The Ideal Way Association is a registered charity, founded and spearheaded by entrepreneurs who want to give back to their communities. As such, the Association operates with a business mindset – Our business is to invest in single-parent families and to measure the impact of our investment. We are results oriented. Our greatest passion is to see children thrive and grow into confident adults.


We track the results of our actions, and keeping our donors well informed. We aim to invest 95% of all donations directly into the families. The remaining 5% is directed towards operational and administrative costs.

The best way to improve our communities is to invest in the lives of children and families. The Ideal Way Association empowers single-parent families to live free from poverty. Please help us to help them…

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