Feeding Families — Delivering HOPE

Date: , Location: 60 Jean-Proulx, Gatineau, Quebec

This year again, the Ideal Way Association will bring joy and hope to 200 families in the Gatineau area, as we provide them with much-needed food baskets for Christmas.

The baskets are distributed through the local organizations we work with.

“We firmly believe that if we teach a man to fish, he can feed himself for a lifetime,” says Nicholas Courchesne, co-founder of the Ideal Way Association. “That’s what we’re all about — empowering families and giving them opportunities to make better life choices. We want to create change that will impact future generations.”

This year, will you help us to deliver HOPE and bring lasting change to families in our community? Click here now to donate. We aim to give back 95% of your donation to a family in need. We cannot do this alone. Please join us now.

The best way to improve our communities is to invest in the lives of children and families. The Ideal Way Association empowers single-parent families to live free from poverty. Please help us to help them…

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