Need Help?

Need Help?

Are You Ready for Change?

Let’s face it – we are creatures of habit, and most of us hate the word change. But sometimes, we come to a point in our lives when change is no longer an option… we have children who depend on us and who deserve a good life, and as we watch our bills piling up beyond control, we realize that something has to change. If we really want a better life, then we come to embrace the word change and actually make it our friend.

If you have come to that place where you are ready to do whatever it takes to bring positive change to your family, then the Ideal Way Association may be able to help you.

The Ideal Way Association empowers single-parent families to live free from poverty. That is our main focus.

We help families in a number of ways – sometimes we simply give families a hand, to help them out of a dif cult situation they’re facing while they’re on that journey to change – but our strength lies in helping families over the long term, to make sure they can sustain the change they’re working so hard to achieve.

If you receive help from the Ideal Way, whether on a short or long term basis, our process requires absolute transparency and regular follow-up. We are passionate about this mission and want to see that the help we provide results in positive change for your family.

So as you can see, we mean business! The Ideal Way is not a job-finding service or a résumé-writing service. We are about the complete overhaul, the new you.

If you require help with job finding or résumé writing, please contact your local Employment Centre or in Gatineau, Option Femmes Emploi.


Here are the basic eligibility requirements that you must meet in order to submit a request for assistance:

  1. You are a single-parent family. *
  2. You have at least one child in your care who is still a minor.
  3. You have previously been helped by an organization or social/health worker who can provide a reference.
  4. You are presently working, or are available and able to enter the workforce.


If you meet the criteria above, we invite you to complete this request form and submit it to

You will need to download and save the form onto your computer. You can then fill out the form, save it again, and send it to us by email.

Following a preliminary study of your request, and provided that you meet eligibility requirements, we will contact you to review your application. Your request will then be reviewed by a committee, and you will be informed of the committee’s decision within 14 business days.

* Note that, exceptionally, the Ideal Way Association can help families where both parents still live together and are facing a circumstance deemed extraordinary.

The best way to improve our communities is to invest in the lives of children and families. The Ideal Way Association empowers single-parent families to live free from poverty. Please help us to help them…

Need Help?